Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


Design and Development

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project rolled out in early 2016. The project’s main purpose is to improve the overall performance of mobile websites by eliminating unnecessary elements and scripts, to make way for lightning-fast rendering and delivery of website assets.


A year after Google AMP’s launch, more or less 900,000 websites publish AMP pages – 2 billion AMP pages in total. This number increased to 31 million publishers and 5 billion AMP pages after just another year.

The gain of AMP Advantages

Highly Responsive Pages:

Highly responsive pages without sacrificing the quality of rich content. Improve user experience through the use of flexible and optimized user interface and layout designs.

Up to 5x Faster:

Up to 5 times faster page loading time resulting in lower bounce rate and enhanced server response. On average, 53 percent of users abandon mobile sites that fail to load pages within 3 seconds. AMP page significantly cuts down this time by loading pages within 0.5 seconds.

Increased Overall Website Traffic:

Increase overall website traffic and return users. Acquiring highly qualified traffic is a must. You need visitors to become buying customers or subscribers. An increase in loading speed and improvement in website performance will do just this.

Less Data Consumption:

Up to 10 times lesser data consumption per page load. AMP does not allow JavaScript (except for some exceptions) streamlines CSS and forces images to lazy load.

Prioritized SERP Ranking:

Priority on mobile SERP ranking. In general, Google favors mobile-friendly or responsive pages in mobile SERPs. AMP pages have a greater advantage since loading speed is an important ranking factor. Coupled with SEO, AMP pages have a clear advantage.

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