Differend created the first beach bar booking and sunbed management platform, available for Web, Android (mobile and tablet) and iOS (mobile). Through the application Sunbeds Differend the owner, manager or employee of the business can have full control of the business through a dynamic map of the beach and in real time for any date can be informed about the fullness of the space, leaving the outdated method of handwriting notes.

The beach map can be configured according to the actual beach plan. Through a number of objects the user can provide the necessary number of objects so that it is understood at a quick glance what is available. The use of the beach can be done either through the Web application or through the tablet application.

The screen with the list of reservations can give a more consolidated picture of the reservations of the desired day. Also, with one click, he can see the details of a reservation or change its status. All this by updating the list dynamically in case an employee of the company adds a reservation through another source (web, mobile, tablet, social media).

The reservation list, being the most basic screen for a business that wants to manage its reservations, is available in all applications (web, tablet, mobile). From all platforms the user can create new reservations for any date.

Immediately the owner or manager of the business will be able to have a clearer picture of the business through statistics that illustrate the habits of customers as well as the items or products with the most reservations and therefore income! Access to the data is continuous and immediate without the need for a specialist consultant.