The Pool Differend App is aimed at owners or managers of premises with pool use, for full control of the business through any platform (mobile, web, tablet). Through the Pool Differend App the owner, manager or employee of the business can manage the business through a dynamic map of the pool and seating (sunbeds, gazebo, etc.) and in real time for any date can be updated on the occupancy of the space.

The map of the pool can be configured according to the actual floor plan of the site. The user can choose between different types of sunbeds (gazebo, tables, poof, etc.) creating an accurate representation of the space. Additional information on each table gives a detailed analysis of the completeness of the space at a glance. The user can access the floor plan through any platform (mobile, tablet or web).

The screen with the list of reservations can give a more aggregated view of the reservations of the desired day. Also the user can with one click view the details of a reservation, change its status or move it to another object on the same or another day. All this by dynamically updating the list in case an employee of the company adds a reservation through another source (web, mobile, tablet, social media).

Being the most basic screen for a business that wants to manage its reservations, the booking list is available in all applications (web, tablet, mobile). From all platforms the user can create new reservations having an overview of the pool space for any date.

Directly the owner or manager of the business will be able to have a clearer picture of the business through statistics that illustrate the habits of customers and the items or products with the most bookings and therefore revenue! Access to the data is continuous and immediate without the need for a specialist consultant.