Summerize Marketplace

Summerize Marketplace revolutionizes the way travelers and locals alike experience Greece’s hospitality industry. Whether you’re looking to dine in the finest restaurants or secure the perfect sunbed spot by the beach, this app ensures a seamless and interactive booking experience. With an integrated map feature, users can explore various categories from restaurants to water sports. What sets it apart? The intuitive layout map allowing users to literally pick their spot – be it a table at a restaurant or a sunbed on the beach.

Unique Selling Points

One-Stop Solution

No more juggling between multiple apps. From sunbed reservations at the beach to booking a table at your favorite restaurant, Summerize Marketplace caters to all your hospitality needs.

Pick Your Spot

With the dynamic floor and beach layout, users can visually select their preferred location, ensuring there are no surprises upon arrival.

Discover Greece

Unearth hidden gems and popular spots all across Greece. Create a list of your favorite places, dive into detailed descriptions, and stay updated with the latest offerings.

Loyalty Rewards

Every booking brings you one step closer to exciting rewards. Engage more, earn more!

Multi-Platform Accessibility

Built with the user in mind, Summerize Marketplace is available across iOS, Android, and web platforms. Seamlessly switch between devices and never lose track of your reservations or favorites.

Pricing & Availability

Experience the best of Greece’s hospitality at no extra cost. The app is available for free download, making premium experiences accessible to all.

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