Restaurant - PMS

Meet PMS Restaurants, the ultimate tool crafted exclusively for restaurant owners. Dive into a world where managing reservations, gauging customer habits, and efficiently orchestrating your space becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to manual logs and embrace the future of restaurant management.

Key Features

Dynamic Floor Plans

Design your restaurant layout with precision, integrating multiple sections like the 1st floor, garden, poolside, and more. Offer customers a visual representation of where they’ll be seated.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Whether you’re on the move or stationed at your establishment, access your restaurant’s operational data from any device, be it mobile or desktop.

Real-time Table Management

Offer dynamic control over table availability. Implement restrict seating times or opt for flexible seating times, allowing bookings even when reservations exist. Maximize your restaurant’s seating potential.

Minute by Minute Analysis

Go beyond the usual statistics. PMS Restaurants lets owners dive into details at 15-minute intervals, offering insights into the number of customers per table and optimizing table turnover.

Custom Role Management

Whether it’s the maître d’, chef, or a waiter, assign specific roles with designated access levels, ensuring smooth operations.

Unified Portfolio Management

If you’re an owner of multiple dining establishments, bring them all under one roof. Seamlessly switch between properties, all from a single account, for unparalleled control.


With PMS Restaurants, owners are empowered with real-time insights, allowing them to optimize their space, understand their clientele better, and ensure a smooth dining experience for patrons. All this control, right from the palm of your hand.

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