Sunbed - PMS

Introducing Summerize Sunbeds, the definitive application designed specifically for property owners with beachfronts or swimming pools. It revolutionizes the way owners manage their reservations, offering insights into customer habits, and streamlining the overall management process. From customizing beach layouts to analyzing user statistics, it provides a comprehensive solution for beach and pool property management.

Key Features

Custom Dynamic Map

Design and customize a dynamic map of your swimming pool or beachfront. This allows for a tailored user experience and efficient management of space.

Sector Management

Owners can divide their layout into specific sectors, facilitating better control. For instance, they can designate particular zones for online reservations.

User Flexibility

Decide how customers interact with the app. Owners can let customers pick specific sunbeds, beds, or king beds, or simply reserve by type and assign spots via the app.

Comprehensive Analytics

Dive deep into analytics and statistics, allowing you to understand customer preferences and habits better.

Role-Based Access

Customize roles for your team, from managers to chefs, and control their access based on operational needs.

Unified Portfolio Management

For owners with multiple properties, streamline operations by bringing all under one account. Navigate between properties effortlessly, ensuring efficient management.


PMS Sunbeds offers a centralized platform for property owners to effortlessly organize and manage their spaces. With accessibility across multiple devices and platforms, it ensures that owners are always in control, no matter where they are.

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